Sorry, no gameplay here guys!!! Just LEX & I reacting to some TIK TOK x FORTNITE Emote Royale Contest Dances! We did have some vids for you but decided to not make them public! But if you're reading this description, you will be rewarded with 3 BONUS VIDEOS for YOU:
FGTeeV Songs of 2019: grlifes.info/number/zGqoinu0obW11q0/b--nteo
NBA 2k20 - Momacas vs Duddz: grlifes.info/number/tqWub3y6Xtexz7U/b--nteo
NBA 2k20 - Duddz vs Chase: grlifes.info/number/tqumpYeqer6bub0/b--nteo
ENJOY & Thumbs Up if you guys liked this video! :)
Background on this Contest: Tik Tok teamed up with Fortnite to bring you a contest to get your dance moves put into the Fortnite Game! Introducing FORTNITE EMOTE ROYALE ... Open to people over the age of 13. Ends Jan 24 ... we take a look at just SOME of the dances that people used #EMOTEROYALECONTEST in their Tik Toks. We rate them and recreate them, sort of haha! :)
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    Make a vid where u all have a dance battle! PLS PLS PLS I've LOVED U GUYS SINCE 2014

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