Playing Among Us In Real Life!

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I played Among Us In Real Life with my friends! Larray, Quen Blackwell, Noah Beck, Alex & Kouvr, Nailea, Ravon, Mario, & Curtis Newbill joined me for a 9000 IQ strategy game as we competed to see if we could figure out who the impostors were among us. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. noura almansoori

    noura almansooriΠριν ώρα


  2. Felix Huang

    Felix HuangΠριν ώρα

    the sidemen are typing...

  3. Martyna Doniecka

    Martyna DonieckaΠριν ώρα

    Noe ja beautyfull OMG!!!

  4. Richard Crow's

    Richard Crow'sΠριν ώρα

    Blondie in the green is hella cute

  5. Alexis Shabrack

    Alexis ShabrackΠριν ώρα

    James! I have a cool video idea if you haven’t done something like this already. You should have someone do your makeup badly and then attempt to make it look better. This would probably work best with eyeshadow i guess, but I think it would be cool if you did your own spin on it to make it more interesting. Also, I think it would show your viewers that if they mess up while doing their makeup, there’s always a chance to bounce back and make the result bomb af. Ps. Love ya!💕

  6. stephen frank

    stephen frankΠριν ώρα

    Very sus

  7. Isuri Sandanayaka

    Isuri SandanayakaΠριν ώρα

    James and Larray as imposters are all I ever want

  8. Nicole Vargas

    Nicole VargasΠριν ώρα

    Noah, I actually don't see him

  9. Naye Gaines

    Naye GainesΠριν ώρα


  10. Mony O

    Mony OΠριν ώρα

    Shouldn’t you be social distancing?


    LOVETOLΠριν ώρα

    Everyone is this video “SHE DEAD” lol

  12. Lauryn Hill

    Lauryn HillΠριν ώρα

    “James told me not to cuss” I love her so much

  13. Adriana Hernandez

    Adriana HernandezΠριν ώρα

    Bruh why did we never see Noah's screen

  14. David Burrus

    David BurrusΠριν ώρα

    is this how baby was made?

  15. kaitlyn sander

    kaitlyn sanderΠριν ώρα

    This proves kouvr and alex have no personality

  16. Cherry Chiq_

    Cherry Chiq_Πριν ώρα

    Please stay home and if you got out wear a mask. People are dying in real life James.

  17. Hobbes Atticus

    Hobbes AtticusΠριν ώρα

    He is at his home. That is his home

  18. Pinkiπ ProTM

    Pinkiπ ProTMΠριν ώρα


  19. -Bαƙα -

    -Bαƙα -Πριν ώρα

    Anyone else want a part 2 👇🏻👇🏻

  20. Jaquez Hall

    Jaquez HallΠριν ώρα

    Part 2!!


    CHICKEN NUGGGIESʕ•ᴥ•ʔΠριν ώρα

    Dude when purple laughed at the start and saw that there imposter I laughed when she said damn I hate being crewmates 😆

  22. Cristina Morales

    Cristina MoralesΠριν ώρα

    Noah beck What the heck why does everybody make fun of your neck Like what the heck With the neck✓



    On that 3 round quen just vibing

  24. • gigi •

    • gigi •Πριν ώρα

    I would love if you could do another one! ❤️

  25. Zara Zefova

    Zara ZefovaΠριν ώρα

    Wait why only Noah don’t record himself 😔😓

  26. A Haunter

    A HaunterΠριν ώρα

    Lol all of gen z are turning into pure drones... the programming is working to divide us even more

  27. kriptic World

    kriptic WorldΠριν ώρα

    This was the funniest among us I've ever watched😂😂

  28. Nikky

    NikkyΠριν ώρα

    It was awesome ✨

  29. iiActxve_Annaii

    iiActxve_AnnaiiΠριν ώρα

    Good job on getting the #1 Trending !! 💗💗💗 Love you take sista !!

  30. Katie Marie

    Katie MarieΠριν ώρα

    I loved this omg

  31. Lauryn Rodgers

    Lauryn RodgersΠριν ώρα

    why Noah look like that guy from curious george

  32. Teeba Ali

    Teeba AliΠριν ώρα

    part 2 pleas

  33. Bella Sayasit

    Bella SayasitΠριν ώρα

    Right when Alex kills Kouvor she was like this is f**ked up

  34. Briana Skiles

    Briana SkilesΠριν ώρα

    I have those brooms!

  35. Claire Lin

    Claire LinΠριν ώρα

    i don't see social distancing and wearing a goddamn mask here

  36. Keylin Flores27

    Keylin Flores27Πριν ώρα

    Can you do Part 2 pls🥺🥺🥺🥺

  37. bababooey

    bababooeyΠριν ώρα

    Team who wished u are fr gonna kill eachother:

  38. Charli Mashups

    Charli MashupsΠριν ώρα

    This is the best one so far-

  39. EmilyDubbzz

    EmilyDubbzzΠριν ώρα

    This is the video I didn't know I needed. I freaking love this.

  40. SS SAGE

    SS SAGEΠριν ώρα

    The beautiful man kinda sus

  41. Angelica Davis

    Angelica DavisΠριν ώρα

    that looked so funnn!

  42. Emperor Mateus

    Emperor MateusΠριν ώρα

    kill me.

  43. The fun Is not done!

    The fun Is not done!Πριν ώρα

    Purple: sees she is imposter: hahahahahahahhaahaha! (Evil laugh) then says: Damn i hate being crew mate (casually ) I love you James!!!!! i also love ur vids!

  44. Aniylah Tv

    Aniylah TvΠριν ώρα

    Kouvr looks soooo sad ❤️

  45. Aniylah Tv

    Aniylah TvΠριν ώρα

    haha lol

  46. Vraskosky

    VraskoskyΠριν ώρα


  47. Abi Plays

    Abi PlaysΠριν ώρα

    y does james have the perfect house for this? like the vents and everything? haha.

  48. malia miner

    malia minerΠριν ώρα

    nailea is wonderful and deserves more attention

  49. Adysyn Osborn

    Adysyn OsbornΠριν ώρα

    James Charles are you actually marshmallow

  50. Jaiden Anonymousss

    Jaiden AnonymousssΠριν ώρα

    nai did so good as impostor

  51. Chivas 123

    Chivas 123Πριν ώρα

    I am sister shuck

  52. Beatrice Antonio

    Beatrice AntonioΠριν ώρα

    bruv justice for Curtis😭

  53. Payton Fry

    Payton FryΠριν ώρα

    Hey James I think a really good video idea would be a collab with Markell Washington so you can do his makeup ❤❤❤❤ love you !!!!

  54. TN81GAMING

    TN81GAMINGΠριν ώρα

    where is the social social distancing na man im just joking it dose look like fun

  55. Caydance Wilson-Boyle

    Caydance Wilson-BoyleΠριν ώρα

    James help my skin is breaking out and i havent put on make up in months and i am allergic to one of the main ingredients in acne cream what do i do?

  56. Darline Philippe

    Darline PhilippeΠριν ώρα

    Oh my god that was hilarious

  57. m .

    m .Πριν ώρα

    kouvr is cute

  58. Respawning Entertainment

    Respawning EntertainmentΠριν ώρα

    Definitely didn’t steal this idea from sidemen

  59. JxMxN •

    JxMxN •Πριν ώρα


  60. Cathy Reyes

    Cathy ReyesΠριν ώρα

    this called me pore in so many ways

  61. Ryan Abell

    Ryan AbellΠριν ώρα

    Great set up! But the execution was a little poor. I feel like it would have been pulled off a bit better if none could talk midround, and the "ejects" weren't confirmed as to who was what role. Other than that, I feel that the idea was brilliant and it was still a good video and I'd love to see another one. 👍👍

  62. Taylor D'Ambrosio

    Taylor D'AmbrosioΠριν ώρα

    joeys was better sorry but I couldn't even understand anything from all the yelling lol


    PETER LUONGOΠριν ώρα

    Best game in the world

  64. Lfc 404

    Lfc 404Πριν ώρα

    Whats going to get them kiddie views in...💲💲💲

  65. Susanna Boiko

    Susanna BoikoΠριν ώρα

    ℕ𝕠𝕒𝕙 𝔹𝕖𝕔𝕜... ℕ𝕠𝕒𝕙 𝔹𝕖𝕔𝕜... 𝕎𝕙𝕪 𝕚𝕤 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕗𝕦𝕟 𝕠𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕟𝕖𝕔𝕜? ℕ𝕆𝔸ℍ 𝔹𝔼ℂ𝕂

  66. Eden Bekele

    Eden BekeleΠριν ώρα

    This was one of the funniest videos I have seen in 2020😂😂

  67. Riley S

    Riley SΠριν ώρα

    whos house is this

  68. Alana Richardson

    Alana RichardsonΠριν ώρα

    not related to the video but I bought your pallet yesterday :)

  69. Sarah Erb

    Sarah ErbΠριν ώρα

    Number 1 on trending

  70. Vestahaha Mashups

    Vestahaha MashupsΠριν ώρα

    Social distancing who?

  71. KawaiiCuteLil Kitty

    KawaiiCuteLil KittyΠριν ώρα


  72. madsneozone

    madsneozoneΠριν ώρα

    no the way quen and noah weren’t in this at allllll

  73. Naomy Meraz

    Naomy MerazΠριν ώρα

    8:13 When Larry kills Ravon 😂🤣😅😅😂

  74. Vixen Tanicka

    Vixen TanickaΠριν ώρα

    More pls

  75. Aaliyah Verrecchio

    Aaliyah VerrecchioΠριν ώρα

    Is anyone simping for black

  76. MidnightPlayz Rblx

    MidnightPlayz RblxΠριν ώρα

    2:36 i love the sarcasm. Loll

  77. Ronni P

    Ronni PΠριν ώρα

    this is so fun

  78. Kennedy Debarge

    Kennedy DebargeΠριν ώρα

    PLEASE make this a weekly thing I am DYING

  79. Nerijus Siriunas

    Nerijus SiriunasΠριν ώρα

    This games fun when you live In a mansion 😃👍

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    The SMURF SquadΠριν ώρα

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    Amreen SΠριν ώρα

    This is such good quality bruh love this

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    Scarlett RamirezΠριν ώρα

    Purple is sis and pink is sis in round 1

  83. Sloan Troxel

    Sloan TroxelΠριν ώρα

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    Macy McClainΠριν ώρα

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    31 dolls of faithΠριν ώρα

    I wish I could do this But I live in an apartment(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  86. Myra❤

    Myra❤Πριν ώρα

    THE PLANNING. THE EDITING. Everything about this was thought out and it came out perfectly splendid. Bravo, James!!

  87. Candice Stewart

    Candice StewartΠριν ώρα


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    Minecraft MikeΠριν ώρα


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    EJ CamboΠριν ώρα

    Part 2 James

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    Kelsey MallamΠριν ώρα

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    Hannah MetcalfΠριν ώρα

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    hunter novacΠριν ώρα

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  95. ASN Productions

    ASN ProductionsΠριν ώρα

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    Moya MorrisΠριν ώρα

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    chelsea MeagherΠριν ώρα

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